March 23, 2018

Power of Attorney

There are two different styles of attorney and here at Bindman Solicitors LLP we are able to offer professional advice as to which is suited to you and your situation. An ordinary power of attorney has the ability to make decisions for you while you still can also and is useful for if you are ever taken ill in hospital and can’t pay your bills. This is a simple process and can be carried out for a short period of time to cover you while you are incapacitated.

The other form of attorney is a lasting power of attorney. This role gives the attorney the ability to make all the decisions for you and act on your behalf because you no longer can. This is incredibly useful for if you are suffering with dementia as those you put in power can make the daily choices for you when it comes to bills and finances when you can’t. This is a long term solution and covers you for life in case the worst happens.

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